Damas’ Riyadh Boutique Is An Homage To Heritage



April 2022


Damas has unveiled its latest boutique concept in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Since opening in 1907, Damas has earned recognition throughout the region as a trusted House that brings exquisite fine jewellery to our shores. Adding to its extentive portfolio of over 150 boutiques, Damas has unveiled its latest boutique concept in Riyadh. Located at the Olaya Tower, Damas’ brand-new boutique champions regional creations in line with its “from the region, to the region” philosophy, taking influences from the Gulf’s colour palette for the interiors of the sprawling two-storey space; desert hues and gold accents dominate. Curved lines and rounded architecture pay homage to curvaceous desert dunes, while Arabic patterns uphold the values of tradition.

Damas’ collections are an ode to every facet of the region and the powerful women that call it home; the confident, the delicate, the traditional, the modern. The boutique houses heritage-inspired collections including Dome and Lace, both of which are inspired by Arabic architecture, and Alif, a fine jewellery collection created in collaboration with Saudi mountaineer Raha Moharrak as an embodiment of female empowerment. In addition, the Riyadh outpost cohabitates with luxurious, glam-rock fine jewellery brand Djula Paris. Explore the collections

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