Pomellato Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo On The Maison’s Kaleidoscopic Collection



December 2023

Transforming mother nature’s treasures into a capsule of rare rings, Pomellato’s latest collection is a tribute to the humble scarab beetle. Here creative director Vincenzo Castaldo gives MOJEH the lowdown..

Believe it or not, scarab beetles have long been a source of inspiration for Pomellato designers. Dig deep into its archives and you’ll come across the likes of a 1977 gold pendant and a bracelet from 1988. It’s no surprise then that, today, the House’s creative director Vincenzo Castaldo is giving the interesting insect a new lease of life with the new Scarabeo di Pomellato collection, boasting boldly colourful interpretations, feminine shapes and soft curves. “Our scarab fully expresses the Pomellato aesthetics, from the generous volumes to the cabochon cut of the gems and the richness of the colour palette,” Castaldo tells MOJEH. “My desire was to renew this symbol of protection and rebirth, finding the perfect balance between form and meaning.”


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A capsule collection of 31 unique rings crafted in the shape of the scarab and carved from an impressive variety of powerful gemstones including blue chalcedony, green-blue amazonite, black and white agate, pinkish-red rhodochrosite and luminous lime green peridot, these sculptural masterpieces pay tribute to the beauty of Mother Nature while showcasing Pomellato’s incredible craftsmanship. “This collection represents our love of colours and unconventional gems, and our passion for cabochon cuts and statement rings,”adds Castaldo. “We found inspiration in an ancient symbolism transporting it into the 21st century with an über-contemporary creative interpretation in a quintessentially Pomellato style.”


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A particular highlight of the new collection is the Green Magic Carpet ring in glossy green malachite enhanced with vivid emeralds, while the Oasis of Calm ring in nephrite jade and red spinels conveys a sense of peace reminiscent of the sunlight streaming through palm fronds. “I also love the Divine Pool ring, where we are bewitched by the turquoise water hues of amazonite and Paraiba tourmalines,” adds Castaldo. “This collection celebrates the beauty of each gemstone.” We’ll take one of each. Explore the collection 

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