Has This Skincare Brand Cracked The Anti-Ageing Code?



September 2023

Addressing the root causes of ageing before they have a chance to take hold, LYMA’s latest launch is a revolutionary approach to skincare

From loss of hydration and a changing microbiome to mitochondrial decline and a lacklustre immune system, did you know there are eight different reasons why skin ages? While most skincare products simply address the signs of ageing, LYMA skincare is here to buck the trend by tackling these causes head on. “Beauty product claims are awash with unsubstantiated promises, with the benchmark for skincare stopping at treating signs that appear on the epidermis. By that time it’s already too late,” founder Lucy Goff tells MOJEH. “It’s safe to say that cracking the epigenetic code has taken a long time, but we’ve finally created a world-first epigenetic protocol that tackles the eight reasons skin ages.”


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A two-step protocol formulated to be used twice daily, in the morning and at night, a doctor-led clinical trial found a reduction in  redness, pigmentation, dullness, dryness, dark circles and fine lines in as little as 30 days. Where do we sign up? Shop now

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