This Homegrown Brand Is Fusing Fashion With Fine Jewellery



January 2024

Khayal Jewelry’s latest artistic collection is one of the easiest ways to elevate your style game this season

Among the many things that delight the members of the MOJEH team is finding local up-and-coming designers that push the boundaries of jewellery design. The Dubai-based Khayal Jewelry is one such name which, through its new Enchanted collection, is exploring an artistic feat rarely explored in the world of jewellery — checks. “We wanted to break new ground in jewellery design by exploring the artistic possibilities of the chequered pattern,” says Maryam Sahem, who founded the brand with her sister Fatma. Checks have dominated the fashion world this season and are a constant on the winter runways, though Khayal Jewelry is one of the first to reimagine the design through jewels. “The collection draws inspiration from this pattern, offering a fresh and unique concept.”

Available in a dazzling array of seven vibrant colourways — black, white, blue, turquoise, pink, dark red and cherry red — this eclectic new collection also marks the first time that Khayal has embraced enamel, with an infusion of the vibrant material combined with diamonds bringing an explosion of colour and life to each piece. Shop the collection

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton
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