A Day In The Life Of Jewellery Designer Nisrine Mourad

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The Lebanese jewellery designer and founder of Alanina shares her day-to-day musings from morning to night.

I wake up at… Around 6.30am. I’m a morning person and believe that waking up early is the best way to boost your energy level during the day.

My morning routine normally consists of… Dropping my son at school before taking an hour’s walk by the sea. It releases all my stress. Family, work and sport are completely balanced in my life.

I’m responsible for… Basically everything with my brand! That includes designing, sourcing, exhibiting and photography to normal day-to-today business operations.

My typical day… Starts with checking emails, and then I start with the customised orders. A big part of my time is spent with my team and I learn a lot from them. When there is a collection to be launched my days are both chaotic and amazing — I start by checking the stones, arranging them, designing a piece with the stones and then back to my team.

Comfort is key for Nisrine when it comes to her 9-5 wardrobe, as casual clothing helps the creativity flow

My go-to working wardrobe consists of… Activewear or loungewear when I don’t have to see clients. It makes me feel free, powerful and completely energetic. I would never design a piece, for example, wearing elevated clothes… It’s essential for me to feel comfortable while designing. If I have an appointment or important meeting I like a combination of jeans and blazer, or a dress, with high heels. My taste is relatively classy yet edgy.

My go-to beauty look for the 9-5 is… Natural. You will never see me with layers of makeup, or even with eyeliner. Some concealer, mascara and lipgloss is the maximum you would get.

For lunch I eat… Salads. I could eat them day and night. Since I am Brazilian and Lebanese, grilled meat should always be a key ingredient.

What I love most about my job is… Curating stones, designing, exhibiting and seeing my clients smiling. I just love it — it is a super satisfying feeling.

And what I enjoy the least is… Accounting, invoicing, packaging and shipping. Any back office activity really.

Alanina pieces are simultaneously timeless and contemporary

When I get home I… Spend time with my family. I have a late lunch with them and then we go to our various sports activities.

I couldn’t live without… My family. Having them around me, healthy and happy, is by far the most important thing to me.

When I feel stressed I… Walk by the beach and I eat (yes, I am a stress eater). I cannot design when I feel stressed. I need a peaceful environment around me.

If I wasn’t in my current position I would be… An architect. Definitely. Shop Alanina here

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