The Jewellery Trends You Need to Know For 2024

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From creatures both cuddly and creepy to jewels ranging from serene to extreme, we’re due to have a year of increasingly contrasting trends when it comes to high-end accessories. MOJEH rounds up the jewellery trends to know in 2024

Dripping in Gems

There’s nothing like a little good old-fashioned decadence — especially when it comes to jewels. Dare to be ostentatious, throw subtlety out of the window and wear your wealth with pride. After all, you earned it.

Birds of a Feather

It was a big year for Tiffany & Co., with the rethinking and relaunch of the beloved Bird on a Rock. But it wasn’t the only Maison with its eyes on the skies — in fact, there were plenty of jewellers ruffling feathers in 2023.

Shooting Hoops

We’re going loopy for the infinite possibilities brought by nature’s perfect form, the hoop. Be it perfect, oval or teardrop, we’re coming full circle with this jewellery classic.

Natural Woman

Embrace ergonomics with shapes and styles that recall the forms of nature. Whether leaves and flora or earth-hewn cabochons, natural inclusions or thorns and all, a rolling stone gathers no moss —unless you want it to, of course.

Fierce Creatures

Whether they creep or crawl, swim or fly, unlikely beasts have been the theme of the year. Bulgari’s octopus watch has us in a squeeze, while Fabergé’s ongoing love affair with Game of Thrones sees yet more dragons take centre stage. They may not be cute and cuddly, but we’d certainly like to have any one of these slithery sensations wrapped around our little finger.

Aqua Fresh

A cooling foil to last year’s Barbie-hot hues, 2023 went swimmingly with an outpouring of sea-blue and green gems. Sapphire, tsavorite, tanzanite and aquamarine — all jewels are welcome, as long as they’re as fresh as an ocean breeze.

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  • Words by Rachel Silvestri