A Day In The Life Of Saudi Entrepreneur Sara Murad

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Ahead of the launch of her debut fragrance By Sara Murad, this month we uncover the day-to-day antics of the iconic Saudi TV presenter

I wake up at… 8am and am mindful to feel excitement for a new day of new opportunities. This truly has a positive effect on my mood, my energy and my overall mindset.

My morning routine normally consists of… coffee, news updates and a workout including some morning stretches to wake my body up before I set out for the day. Then of course my daily skincare routine —I rely on natural honey and vitamins to ensure I get my required nutrients.

My first fragrance launch is… empowering! The scent blends oud, a quintessentially Middle Eastern ingredient, with the expertise of some of France’s most renowned noses and perfumers. Blending the east with the west was very important for me as I believe that the Middle East is now strongly making its mark on the global map.

My typical day… is never the same. It might include meetings with clients, heading over to the studio to prepare for the morning show, or heading to the airport for a quick business trip. Whenever I’m in the city I make sure to always keep 3pm-7pm as dedicated family time and enjoy undisturbed quality time with my daughter.

My go-to working wardrobe consists of… a casual suit or jeans paired with a nice top. I tend to move around a lot during my day between work and appointments, so I try my best to be comfortable while still making sure I’m dressed appropriately for a work day.

My go-to beauty look for the 9-5 looks like… no makeup makeup. I’m an advocate for less is more and I think a very simple routine of a touch of concealer, dramatic mascara, blush and lip balm is all that’s really needed.

For lunch I eat… I try to keep my meal light and fresh, so most often it’s salad or fish paired with fresh vegetables.

What I love most about my job is… that I get to meet new people every day with my morning show, and that I am able to pursue something I am so passionate about with By Sara Murad. It feels so rewarding to be able to share a scent that holds such a special place in my heart with the world.

And what I enjoy the least is… that it can be stressful and exhausting managing a job as a TV host while also launching a new fragrance line. Over the years I have definitely learned how to pause, rest and take time for myself to ensure a balanced routine.

When I get home I… spend time with my daughter with no distractions or gadgets before disconnecting and unwinding with a TV show. I love to catch up with friends when I can, too.

I couldn’t live without… the people I love.


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When I feel stressed I… go to see my girlfriends. It always relaxes me and instantly changes my mood.

If I wasn’t in my current position, I would be… an astronaut. They have always amazed me with their ability to discover territories beyond planet Earth. My ultimate dream is to be able to explore space on my 45th birthday. Follow Sara on Instagram and shop By Sara Murad here

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  • Interview by Naomi Chadderton