Balenciaga Launches Ephemeral Handbag Shop



August 2019

Opening at Level Shoe District onSeptember 1 and running until September 21, Balenciaga Ephemeral Handbag Shop Dubai will offer a selection of Winter ’19 bags with an in-store graffiti personalisation option available for the first seven days of the event.  With a dedicated graffiti artist on-site to tag a selection of new season bags with first names, initials or birthdates, customers have the chance to snap up the new Balenciaga Hourglass in a variety of sizes and materials, including an exclusive pink version exclusively for Dubai, along with an array of styles from the Balenciaga Shopping line to personalize with bespoke graffiti.

Landing in seven cities around the globe, including Paris, Beijing, LA, Kuwait and Tokyo, and inspired by the customizable aspect of vandalized public spaces like transportation stations, each of the 7 temporary structures resemble an open area on a busy street, tagged in ways similar to those seen on bus stops, with scratches and scrawls overlapping or buffed-out, adding life to otherwise bland industrial surfaces.

The bags, in bright red, acid fuchsia, pavement black, billboard white, or cement grey leathers, when expertly tagged, evoke familiar tones from an urban landscape marked for anything from construction zoning to artistic expression.

And if you miss Balenciaga in Dubai? Fear not. The second launch arrives on September 11 for two days at the new Balenciaga Kuwait flagship, located in The Avenues

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