Meet The Design Duo Reimagining Couture



January 2023

With luxury fashion house Cucculelli Shaheen setting up shop in Harvey Nichols — Dubai, our red carpet wardrobes are well and truly complete

If you haven’t heard the name Cucculelli Shaheen before then that’s all about to change — the made-to-order luxury design and couture House best known for its intricate embroidery pieces has launched in Harvey Nichols — Dubai and it’s already taking the style set by storm. Brainchild of Anthony Cucculelli and Anna Rose Shaheen, who originally met while working in Diane Von Furstenberg’s West Village studio in the mid-aughts, the duo launched their label in 2016, and today the brand is loved for its modern styles with unusual cut-outs designed to bring an edgy fresh feel to the world of couture. “We love the feeling of Dubai!” the designers tell MOJEH. “Our customers in the region have an appreciation for couture workmanship as well as fresh designs. Our clients are at the forefront of fashion, and the Dubai clientele represents that.”

Inspired by the designers’ travels around the world — “music and art also influence us in each collection,” says Anthony — expect red carpet-worthy gowns and bridal collections designed with incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship. “We take line drawings and then start to assign beads and colours,” explains Anna Rose. “Sometimes we will go through up to ten swatches to get the colours and beads correct. We are perfectionists.” If you’re not in the market for a statement gown just yet, the designers have also recently launched a tailoring service, creating blazers and trousers that open their world to clients looking for a glamorous alternative. “The white suit in particular has been a client favourite,” adds Anthony. “We love it for an unconventional bridal look, or to work with existing pieces in our clients’ wardrobes for endless variations.” We suggest you get down to Harvey Nichols, stat. Available at Harvey Nichols — Dubai.

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