Here’s How You Can Access The UAE’s Most Exclusive Gyms



September 2021

Privilee Gym Membership
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Privilee is the workout partner you never knew you needed

Getting motivated to hit the gym – especially after the pandemic – is often the hardest step in our workout routine and visiting the same establishment day-in-day-out doesn’t exactly help matters. Thankfully, Privilee is coming to the rescue and changing gym memberships as we know it.


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Privilee is the UAE’s ultimate fitness and lifestyle membership, offering exclusive unlimited access to five-star facilities throughout the UAE. Known – and loved – for its extensive selection of pool and beach offerings, Privilee also provides endless options for fitness fanatics and beginners alike. Ditch your traditional gym membership and refresh your routine with access to over 70 of the best gyms across the UAE; try new fitness classes thanks to Privilee’s portfolio of thousands of free classes including boxing, barre, HIIT and meditation. Plus, there is no excuse for skipping a session – multiple locations mean you can sneak in a workout before work, between lunch dates or after the school run.


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Some of the most sought-after Privilee gyms include FitRepublik (which boasts an Olympic-size lap pool!), StudioRepublik, OOMO Fitness Studio, Fly High Fitness, Snap Fitness and 9Round. Members can also take advantage of hotel gyms so you can kick-start your daycation with a sweat session. Outdoor activities more your speed? Sign up and take advantage of free unlimited access to tennis courts across multiple five-star hotels. Game, set, match. Sign up here

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