Your Next Selection Of Luxury Suitcases Have Just Landed In Dubai



March 2019

Rimowa store in The Dubai Mall

Imagine parading these travel beauties through security…

Whenever you hear about German brand Rimowa, you’re bound to expect something completely out of the ordinary. The LVMH-owned brand first launched an achingly cool collection in collaboration with Fendi. Then, the range of luxury luggage got a Supreme makeover before moving on to collaborate with Virgil Abloh‘s Off-White.

Whilst there’s no new news about fashion and travel merging together this time around, Rimowa is giving us something else we can rejoice about. And not so secretly.

The brand have just made their latest foray in the Middle East. Officially opening their second branch in the UAE, Rimowa have landed in The Dubai Mall for a space that is equally inviting, as it is an experience of its own.


Rimowa store in The Dubai Mall

With a brand-new concept set in place (and unlike any other store across the globe), the space is contemporary, creative and capacious.

Featuring a floor-to-ceiling glass facade, the new boutique beautifully displays a selection of luxury suitcases on luggage conveyor belts. Yes, that’s right.

The polycarbonate and aluminium classics (which include the Rimowa Original, Rimowa Classic, Rimowa Essential and Rimowa Hybrid) are up for offer. And, to be honest, it’ll be quite hard to not add ones of these pieces to your wish-lists.

We all know that luxury goods are worth the investment.


Rimowa store in The Dubai Mall

The new Rimowa store is located on the Ground Floor, Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall. 

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