Maison Christian Dior For Your Interior Goals



May 2018

Maison Christian Dior

Known worldwide for their fashion, jewellery and beauty lines, French power house Dior is adding one more thing to its umbrella of highly desirable objects. Enter Maison Christian Dior – a new luxury collection of candles, soaps as well as silk scarves for perfuming. Designed to create an olfactive aura, the line coincides with the release of 12 new scents that are as personal as they are audacious. The extended family of fragrances, warm and boisterous, opens the doors to perfume lovers to explore fragrant territories. From there they can emulate their favourite scent at home through sleek objects of exacting, uncompromising quality.

From candles, crafted by the famous French wax manufacturers Perron Rigot, to soaps made in France at the Savonnerie de Haute-Provence, the pieces are light and sensual. Other perfumed creations, in the form of body cremes and foaming gels for hands and body, are just as delightful as the rest of the line. Experience the new collection at the Dior Beauty boutique in City Walk Dubai.

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