Not Sure How To Begin Your Mindfulness Journey?



June 2020

The world is on the brink of a mental health crisis after the overwhelming impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Elevated cases of stress, anxiety and depression are expected to continue across the globe as people endure the long-lasting affect of Covid-19. With mental health issues on the rise and a worldwide crisis on the horizon, mindfulness app Synctuition is offering complimentary access to its platform during this crucial time. 

“We would like to use our platform to help keep people feeling safe, supported, and happy. We want to make a difference and provide hope to those seeking a bit of peace, release, and mindfulness in their daily lives,” said Michael Burich, COO, and co-founder of Synctuition.

“By making Synctuition a completely free, no-strings-attached resource for people, we are giving them a safe space in which to release anxieties and let their spirits soar above all of the daily deluge of heavy news. Studies have shown the positive impact that mindful practices can have on helping combat stress and anxiety, allowing people to focus on the present while increasing patience, tolerance, and imagination.”


Synctuition app

Backed by leading scientists and established experts, Synctuition is the perfect first step toward a mindfulness journey. Whether you’ve lost loved ones during the pandemic, your livelihood has been disrupted or you’re struggling to adjust back into post-lockdown life, the app offers an advanced audio relaxation programme that helps you escape and transform your state of mind. 

“You can be completely transported to a different world in just 25 minutes, which can help you improve mental health,” says Burich. “Personally, integrating the programme’s journeys into my own self-care regime has brought me peace and serenity throughout  lockdown.”

The Synctuition app has been made available for free in the UAE from now until July 31 2020;

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