According to Louis Vuitton, This Is How You Safely Transport A Priceless Work Of Art



October 2018

The Milkmaid
Creating the trunk in the Louis Vuitton workshop

Louis Vuitton and the Rijksmuseum have reunited through the Art of Travel

True to its passion for creation and strong support of the arts, Louis Vuitton and The Rijksmuseum have teamed up to create a customised trunk to transport the masterpiece painting The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer (which is regarded by The Rijksmuseum as one of its most important pieces) from Amsterdam to the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

“Louis Vuitton has always supported the greatest pioneers and artists on their travels. A real passion for creation, Louis Vuitton has always supported the arts and cultural heritage. It is an honour for us to design the bespoke case that will transport and protect one of the most famous international masterpieces of all times,” said Michael Burke, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton in a press release.

Louis Vuitton Trunk and The Milkmaid

For its maiden voyage, Louis Vuitton has designed a spectacular special-order trunk, which was handcrafted in Louis Vuitton’s historic workshops, and features the brand’s iconic Monogram canvas and signature brass corners and lock. The trunk features personalised hand-painted stripes along with a yellow interior.

Louis Vuitton is the master-packer of some of the most precious items in the world. In 1924, the House made a trunk for René Gimpel, a French art gallerist, enabling him to travel worldwide to present and propose masterpieces to his clients. Since then, Louis Vuitton has been entrusted by clients around the world to transport their art
and supplies, creating cases that protect and transport their belongings in the most optimal conditions.

Creating the trunk in the Louis Vuitton workshop

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