Palm Springs



April 2017

Boasting some of America’s best modernist architecture, an urban music scene and awe-inspiring outdoor attractions, Palm Springs's retro aesthetic is attracting a comfortable mix of people ranging from retirees to hipsters. This week we celebrate six of the main ways that Palm Springs is giving culture capitals like New York a run for its money.


Six: Eclectic Style

Home to one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Coachella has become more than just a hotspot for celebrity spotting, it has also become a source of style inspiration. Proposing an eclectic mix of designs from bohemian dresses to rocker T-shirts, these concertgoers know how to turn it up in the style department. This time round, why not opt for psychedelic prints with electrifying jolts of colour, paired perfectly with monochrome strips and a cool set of polarised shades.