Palm Springs



April 2017


Boasting some of America’s best modernist architecture, an urban music scene and awe-inspiring outdoor attractions, Palm Springs's retro aesthetic is attracting a comfortable mix of people ranging from retirees to hipsters. This week we celebrate six of the main ways that Palm Springs is giving culture capitals like New York a run for its money.


Four: Dinning

Brimming with culinary delights, Palm Springs offers much to the avid food connoisseur. Its retro aesthetic folds well with the abandoned buildings that populate the region and are often repurposed into happening restaurants. Eight4Nine is just that, once a local post office, the space works as a blank canvas with white walls, showcasing the restaurant’s colourful menu and interior art. Its menu is eclectic, offering dishes such as mushroom and brussel sprout toast, grilled oysters with applejack barbecue sauce, caramelised cauliflower pappardelle, and poblano chile relleno with pinto beans.