The Making Of Dior’s New Grand Bal Timepiece



August 2022

Get up-close and personal with this new twist on the Grand Bal that simply couldn’t be more intimately Dior

It’s the secret lives of les grands maisons Parisiens that really fascinate us. What happens beyond the plush carpets and sumptuousness of the sales floor, tucked away in ‘back of house’, where the passion and the luxury really lives. Equally intriguing are the private residences of the namesake founders and star designers of these legendary Maisons, open only to the nearest and dearest of their occupants, leaving the rest of us to just imagine the superlative chic that must surely lie within. As the years go by and times change, these ever-growing Houses recognise the currency in their rich heritages — and every so often we catch a glimpse of those tantalisingly hidden worlds.

Such is the inspiration for Dior’s latest iteration of the classic Grand Bal watch. Just a glance at the intricate blue and white patternwork on this dainty 36mm timepiece is enough to place it as a product of this Maison, thanks to the recognisability of the well-loved Toile de Jouy print. Monsieur Dior’s apartments were bedecked in the design, which was also used in the storied 30 Avenue Montaigne boutique, and it’s become an emblem of the House.

The print takes on a whole new lease of life in the Grand Bal Toile De Jouy watch. Leaves, flowers and branches jostle for position on the dial, escaping from their 2D world and leaping out at the wearer as they slide back and forth to power the automatic movement. The diamond-set bezel acts as a dazzling picture frame for this pastoral scene, the white mother of pearl dial providing the perfect canvas for both Jouy print and the pink gold, steel, sapphire and diamond branches that form the oscillating weight.

The piece comes with two interchangeable straps — navy alligator for those more serious moments, and Toile de Jouy calfskin for when only joy and levity will do. And who could help but feel joyous with this perfect tribute to Dior’s codes on their wrist. Discover now

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  • Photos courtesy of Dior
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