Nicolas Ghesquière Celebrates A Decade At Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton closes fashion month with a celebration of ten years of Nicolas Ghesquière

And just like that, fashion month is over. Closing out a whirlwind month was Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton in a show that had all of the 4,000 attendees – tastemakers, journalists, celebrities and employees of the House – buzzing that the best had well and truly been saved for last.

“The proud legacy. The inspiring history that looks to the future and to the world. The quest for authenticity and innovation. The desire for timelessness.” These words, printed in the original show notes at Ghesquière’s debut Louis Vuitton show in 2014, set a precedent. A decade later, the sentiments in the latest show notes mirror this enduring commitment to the Maison’s philosophy and express not only his gratitude for the opportunity but also that the excitement persists. “Ten years ago, you came to my first show for Louis Vuitton,” he writes. “I remember the feeling of beginning, the immense joy I felt to be among you. This joy is still here… I wanted to continue this inspiring journey, open to the future and to the world, the philosophy of Louis Vuitton,” he said.

The autumn/winter 2024 collection not only reiterates the philosophy of the House but also takes inspiration from Ghesquière’s ten-year journey at the helm. Resplendent, heavily embroidered jackets reminiscent of his SS18 collection appeared alongside voluminous structured skirts akin to the graphic skirts seen in his SS21 season. One could argue that the tell-tale sign of a creative who truly believes in their own work is seeing it serve as inspiration for future collections, seamlessly infusing one’s own personality with the codes of a century-old Maison.

Louis Vuitton’s trunk-making heritage was referenced throughout the collection, evident not only through travel cases but also in travel-appropriate knitwear and tracksuits, as well as minidresses and accessories featuring digital prints of the trunks, including the hardware.

An avant-garde touch reflecting Nicolas’ personal interests in sci-fi and the otherworldly was evident, thanks to a futuristic palette of white and silver on jackets—creating the chicest of spacesuits, should we ever venture so far. Sequins were embroidered onto cascading gowns and even covered the eyes of models. The collection’s softness was introduced through feathered eveningwear, gently draping sheers, and gloves embellished with furs and tassels.

“You were with me, the 5th of March 2014, one morning. You are here again with me today, this evening. Tomorrow” he concludes. Here’s to a decade more. Rewatch the show below

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  • Images courtesy of Spotlight