Louis Vuitton’s New Fragrance Collection Is An Ode To The Region

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Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Seductive, strong and steeped in tradition, Louis Vuitton’s latest fragrance collection harnesses the beauty and mystery of raw materials

Louis Vuitton stages a love letter to the region with The Pure Perfumes, a collection of intensely concentrated fragrances championing naturally derived materials that have withstood the test of time. The trio, comprising Pur Ambre, Pur Santal and Pur Oud, celebrates the integrity and intricacies of raw ingredients — ambergris, sandalwood and oud, respectively — in an homage to the Middle East’s fragrance layering traditions. Not only chosen for their rarity and regional connections, each element is a part of history, from sandalwood’s roots in Ancient Egypt and the extremely rare nature of natural oud to ‘ocean gold’ ambergris’s formation process which can see it floating freely on the seas for years.

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The fragrances tell a story with their sillage and the collection invites the wearer to share a story of their own, whether by layering them with one another, wearing each as a standalone scent or enhancing an existing Louis Vuitton concoction. “It lets everyone create their own olfactory universe and wear a fragrance trail that is theirs alone,” says master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the mind (and nose) behind The Pure Perfumes. One thing is for certain: your presence will be felt long after you’ve left the room. Shop now

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  • Words by Savanna Smith