These Peculiar But Precious Pieces Are A Jovial Addition To Your Jewellery Vault

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Tête De Mort rings, DIOR FINE JEWELLERY | Photographed by Nicole Maria

Layer and stack contrasting metals and pops of colour for a playful jolt of autumnal fun

Skeleton motifs take centre stage. When shrouded in diamonds and dripping in emeralds, the otherwise eerie emblem takes on a playful momentum, don’t you think? Layer and stack the Dior fine jewellery Tête De Mort pieces for added zest. These are items built to be worn by the dozen. But if your collection is still in its infancy, mix and match with your existing Dior pieces for an even more eclectic approach to the collection.

Tête De Mort ring, DIOR FINE JEWELLERY | Photographed by Nicole Maria

Wear pieces during the day with soft, feminine dresses. Or, choose darker, sultry clothing for a more serious approach to the skeleton-led collection. But for those who prefer there fine jewellery to be a bit more, let’s say friendly, then the dainty Rose Des Vents collection is a considered choice. Ivory, blush pink and an array of blues form the collection’s base, while rose and yellow gold showcase the popular compass emblem. Designer Victoire de Castellane reinterprets Monsieur Dior’s lucky star in the form of a wind rose – an eight-pointed star. A twist of grains encircles the medallion, which turns to switch between the hard stone and wind rose side. It’s an emblem that has lived on through the decades and will inevitably have the same staying power in your wardrobe.

Photographed by Nicole Maria Winkler for Dior Fine Jewellery
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