The Saudi Fine Jewellery Brand You Need To Know

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Hailing from Saudi, the region’s most exciting new fine jewellery line pays tribute to the beauty of sunlight

“Modern, luxurious, elegant and symbolic,” says Saudi designer Danah Alsahel, when we ask her to describe her new fine jewellery brand Moelry which, despite having just launched its debut collection Brilliance earlier this year, already garnering clients across the Gulf, Europe, and the US.

Inspired by the playful reflections of sunlight – “its beauty symbolises new beginnings and endless opportunities,” she tells us – we’ve been treated to both necklaces and earrings masterfully crafted from 18k gold and adorned with an array of diamonds and vibrant gemstones including rubies and emeralds, ensuring both beautiful aesthetics and enduring durability. “The designs are also made with sandy textures that celebrate Saudi nature, and by championing creativity and craftsmanship, we inspire individuals to embrace their individuality through the art of jewellery,” she adds. What’s more, each piece is available in two sizes – smaller for the everyday and larger from those looking to make a statement – meaning all tastes are covered. Shop now

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton