Jessica Kahawaty And Her Mother Team Up With Carolina Herrera To Help Fight Breast Cancer

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Since 2008, Carolina Herrera has been supporting women who put up a daily fight against the disease

October is officially known as breast cancer awareness month, and this year marks the tenth anniversary of Carolina Herrera’s campaign against breast cancer. To commemorate the anniversary, CH Carolina Herrera has teamed up with Lebanese-Australian model and philanthropist Jessica Kahawaty and her mother, breast cancer survivor Rita Kahawaty to bring a message of hope to breast cancer patients and their loved ones.

“Family plays a huge role when it comes to this situation. They are pillars, a source of positivity and strength. A reason to keep fighting as my mother used to tell us. We all stood beside my mother during this difficult time and made her believe that nothing is impossible to overcome. Your family is your rock. She was our rock even though she felt that we were hers. We got strength from her willingness to live”, explained Jessica in a press release.

Jessica Kahawaty and her mother, breast cancer survivor Rita Kahawaty

Great improvements have been made in the last decade as far as breast cancer treatments and therapies are concerned, but early detection gives you the best chance of fighting the disease. Although there are many possible symptoms of breast cancer, the most common is a new lump or mass. However, knowing what to look for does not take the place of having regular mammograms. Screening tests can help find breast cancer in its early stages, before any symptoms appear.

Other possible symptoms of breast cancer can include:

– Changes to the skin’s texture
– Discharge (other than breast milk)
– Dimpling (sometimes looking like an orange peel)
– Lymph node changes
– Pain in the area
– Redness
– Swelling

Although any of these symptoms could be caused by something other than breast cancer, if you have one, you should visit a health care professional to have it checked out.

In the UAE and KSA, CH Carolina Herrera has pledged to donate a portion of all ready-to-wear sales made on October 19, 2018 to breast cancer associations in the region – namely Pink Caravan and Zahra Association.

Breast Cancer

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