The Heart Of Royal Marriage

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Chaumet has embodied Parisian elegance and excellence since its foundation in 1780. Over the centuries, its most exceptional masterpieces have often been transformed into decorative arts, and subsequently the Maison has become known as an industry pioneer for creativity.

Imperial Splendours: The Art of Jewellery Since the 18th Century commemorates this longstanding influence. Hosted at The Palace Museum, Beijing (formerly The Forbidden City), the Maison’s jewellery is being showcased in an exceptional location like no other. As part of the exciting cultural exchange, the exhibit’s chosen pieces have witnessed many of the most incredible royal coronations in European history.

Here’s’s edit of the elegant diadems that are currently on display and, by doing so, we examine the spectacular beauty of these artworks, as well as Chaumet’s incredible spirit of craftsmanship.