The Bulgari Serpenti Pieces You Need This Summer

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Editor: Kelly Baldwin | Photographer: Stephanie Galea | Stylist: Jade Chilton | Model: Livia At MMG Models | Hair and Makeup Artist: Ivan Kuz

The epitome of Italian glamour, modernity and sophistication, Bulgari’s Serpenti strikes again

The serpent has long been at the forefront of myths and legends. Roman gods were often depicted with snakes wrapped around their limbs or cascading from their necks to represent power, immortality and protection; Roman jeweller Bulgari first brought the serpent to life through jewellery in 1948 with the debut of its now iconic Serpenti collection.

Serpenti Viper Necklace in rose gold with diamonds, BULGARI; Swimsuit, Stylist’s own

Snake heads with eyes of ruby, emerald and sapphires are affixed to high jewellery creations complete with golden scales and, over the past 75 years, the captivating collection has expanded to include leather goods and accessories. Explore Bulgari’s Serpenti collection in the gallery above

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