May Birthstone: 8 Emerald Jewellery Pieces To Celebrate Your Special Day

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Throughout history, emeralds have adorned the crowns and jewellery of royalty thanks to their rich, deep-green hue that symbolises renewal, truth, love and vitality. Ancient Egyptians regarded emeralds as symbolic of fertility and rebirth – the first known emerald mines are in Egypt and date back to 300BC – and Cleopatra was known to be infatuated with the stone. Meanwhile, the Incas believed that emeralds harnessed the powers of immortality and utilised them in religious rituals in an effort to ward off evil spirits and even placed the precious stone under their tongues to allow them to see the future. Fast forward to modern times, the emerald remains a captivating stone and its association with spring’s new beginnings makes it the perfect birthstone for those born in May. Here, MOJEH rounds-up the emerald-adorned investment pieces to gift your loved ones (or yourself) this month.

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