Bulgari Celebrates 75 Years Of Serpenti With An Exquisite Collection

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Photographed by Scandebergs | Styled by Elena Motta

Bulgari continues its metamorphosis of the iconic serpent, leaving no (gem)stone unturned for its 75th anniversary collection

A serpent winds itself around your wrist, decorating your limbs with its countless scales while its beady eyes are locked onto yours. This sounds like the stuff of nightmares but, if you swap scales for gold and eyes for emeralds, the thought quickly transforms from fear to fantasy.

Serpenti Heritage Bracelet-Watch In Gold And Platinum With Emerald And Diamond, Bulgari Serpenti Tubolare Necklace In White Gold With Diamond, Bulgari

Bulgari is renowned for its high jewellery creations; arguably its most recognisable, however, is its serpenti collection. A show-stopping curation of diamond-adorned serpents make up Bulgari’s 75th anniversary offering, with bracelets, watches and bracelet-watches taking form of its legendary emblem. Explore the Roman jeweller’s collection in the gallery above and discover 75 years of serpenti here.

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