These High Jewellery Pieces Are The Ultimate Conversation Starters

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Editor: Kelly Baldwin | Photographer: Amer Mohamed | Stylist and creative director: Jade Chilton| Model: Francesca At Jeel Management | Makeup Artist: Julia Rada | Hair Stylist: Ivan Kuz | Nails: Snob Salon | Stylist's Assistant: Syma Ahmed

Whimsical, intricate and delightfully decadent, Pavit Gujral Designs’s high jewellery creations capture the magnificence of Mother Nature

Our motto when it comes to high jewellery? Go big or stay home. Evidently, we have this in common with Pavit Gujral, a jewellery designer renowned for larger-than-life designs inspired by memories and Mother Nature.

Iceberg Pendant in 18 carat gold with tanzanite, paraiba tourmaline and diamond, PAVIT GUJRAL designs; Suit, A.W.A.K.E MODE AT MATCHES

Take for instance the Mumbai Rain necklace. A piece boasting over 2,500 pave diamonds, Pavit Gujral dreamt up the design after a visit to Mumbai, India where she was confronted with days-long torrential downpour. Elsewhere, a trip to Finland inspired the Iceberg collection. A tanzanite cabochon sits front-and-centre on the Iceberg necklace, and is surrounded by diamonds on a precious bloom that can be worn as a pendant, bracelet or brooch. Explore the creations in the gallery above and here

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