Introducing Moors & Saints: The Ethical Fine Jewellery Brand On A Mission To Change The World

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Ethical, sustainable and utterly stylish, Dubai-based Moors & Saints is connecting sacred spaces through fine jewellery to build sustainable peace

Fine jewellery is often a token of love, something to be treasured, so it’s important that when the investment is in a piece with integrity. Enter Moors & Saints, an emerging ethical jewellery label that started here in Dubai, born from a need to connect cultures in meaningful ways amid divisive times. The brainchild of Chama Mechtaly – a Moroccan visual artist who launched the brand in 2019 – each and every piece is handmade in the city by expert craftsmen who come from at least three generations of Indian jewellers using 18 carat gold and sterling silver with precious and semi-precious stones. “I studied international relations and conflict resolution in Boston and came to Dubai after working in diplomacy and refugee advocacy,” Chama tells MOJEH. “This collection of experiences led me to start a brand that promotes tolerance, pluralism and cross-cultural understanding in the world.”

Inspired by the Moorish design found in mosques, churches and temples, Chama maps out inspiring design structures from their origins in Andalusia to her travels in India and Mexico. “As an intersectional feminist, I wanted to build a company that has a positive impact on people, especially the most marginalised, as well as on the environment and the generations to come,” she says.

Moors & Saints is 100 per cent ethical and conflict-free – qualities very close to Chama’s heart. “I made sure to stay away from diamonds from the beginning, and I only source the precious stones I work with after meeting suppliers personally and going through a long investigative process.” With Dubai’s penchant for everything shiny and bling, how does she catch the eye of discerning clients without using diamonds? “I find new sustainable ways to make the jewellery sparkle,” she adds. A fierce advocate of feminism, Chama also works to connect with women and support other meaningful social projects. Case in point, her #BeASaint campaign donates 10 per cent of the label’s profits to a worthy cause every season, including e7 Daughters of the Emirates, which helps cultivate leadership and knowledge among the local community of young women.

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