July Birthstone: The Ruby Edit

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Health, love and wisdom are just three words associated with the fiery red gemstone ruby – the July birthstone that is often prized for its warm hue and passionate spirit – and as the sun moves from emotional Cancer to spirited Leo, it’s a month that is full of zeal and sentimentality.

Often known as the ‘king of the precious stones’, not only did early cultures believe that the gem contained the power of life and represented blood flowing through our veins, it’s just as popular today as it was back then, loved by both celebrities and royalty alike – Victoria Beckham has been spotted with her colossal ruby ring on several occasions (one of her reported 14 engagement rings), and back in 2014 Rihanna was the talk of the annual Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball thanks to the huge, ruby-red gem suspended from her Chopard necklace. Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary jewellery collection also included a Van Cleef & Arpels ruby ring she was given as a stocking filler (we know) in 1968 by her then husband Richard Burton.

Varying from deep shades of red to dark pink (ruby is named after ruber, the Latin word for red, with the most desirable hue known as ‘pigeons blood’ – pure red with a hint of blue), the ‘heart of Mother Earth’ is the hardest mineral after diamond, primarily mined in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Kenya.

From Tiffany & Co. to Gemfields, MOJEH rounds up best ruby fine jewellery on the market that will be sure to impress season after season…

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  • Compiled by Naomi Chadderton