Jewellery Designer Leïla Buecher On The Leap Of Faith That Changed Her Life

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With a strong social following and delicate designs to make the heart melt, French-Arabic jewellery designer Leïla Buecher is the name that needs to be on your radar

Independent contemporary jewellery designers represent the best of Middle Eastern design, with artisans who are passionate, free-spirited and innovative to boot. The latest name in the circle to watch is French-Arabic jewellery designer Leïla Buecher, who has garnered a loyal following for her exquisite earrings, rings and necklaces since launching her eponymous brand in 2016, all of which is crafted from recycled gold and certified diamonds.

Leïla Buecher jewellery

Boasting a strong following on Instagram and with a stand-alone boutique in the heart of Paris, Leïla’s beginnings were slightly more humble. “Right after my daughter was born and my son turned two, I launched my brand in a little village of just 450 people,” she tells MOJEH. “I said to my husband – who is a Michelin-star chef – if people will drive miles to taste your cuisine, they will drive miles to see my jewellery.” And she was right. “Looking back, it was a crazy gamble, and I don’t know if it was madness, audacity or destiny. The first year was very hard and I almost quit, but step-by-step I ended up opening a boutique in Paris, by appointment only.”

Describing her designs as contemporary, dreamlike and Oriental, Leïla says her collections take inspiration from Arabic ornaments and modern art. She works with differing shades of gold – “A nude like rose gold that melts onto your skin” is her favourite – and glistening diamonds of only the highest quality. She is also keen to meet potential clients and work on bespoke pieces too, something she says is at the core of her brand philosophy. “I need to get a sense of people,” she explains. “I like to get to know my clients in order to create a piece that is perfect for them. It can be a rollercoaster journey and requires a lot of energy but the results are magical.”

Leïla Buecher jewellery

A philanthropist at heart, Leïla’s followers also flock to her Instagram page for her online auctions – a percentage of the proceeds of which go to charities close to her heart. “The disaster in Lebanon hit really close to home,” she says. “I have a great community of both Lebanese and Middle Eastern supporters who have been with me from the start, so it only made sense to do a special auction where the profits went to relief for the country.” And her latest venture? “I am working on something very exciting, about one of the oldest love stories in the Middle East,” she tells us. Watch this space. Explore the collections at

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton