Forevermark Diamonds

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A girl can never have too many jewels, so its safe to say that there is no better Christmas gift than a sparkly rock that offers exclusivity and sartorial power. Our jewellery obsession grows significantly, as Forevermark seeks to make their journey even more remarkable. The precious passage that guides the Forevermark diamond is one that adheres to a stringent standard, calling on master craftsmen and experts to ensure the quality and beauty of its diamonds. 

The journey of the Forevermark diamond begins as a natural mineral sourced from a handful of carefully selected mines in countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Canada. Acquiring a Forevermark diamond requires a series of guarantees, first being that the mines adhere to high social and environmental sustainability standards. Each diamond comes with the security of knowing that every stone is responsibly sourced and the company has made a series of contributions to the mining communities through educational, medical and social initiatives, as well their monitoring their environmental impact. Once mined, the diamonds are meticulously cut, polished and graded before it can be inscribed with proprietary technology. The exquisite and highly desired diamonds are given a unique number, registering it with exceptional quality and utmost integrity that is synonymous with the Forevermark brand.