Emerald Expositions

15 Photos

One of the most treasured jewels worldwide, emeralds make for a stunning centrepiece. “Of all the gemstones, emeralds in particular have captured the Middle Eastern woman’s attention with their vivid beauty, because the colour green holds a significant meaning in the region’s culture,” says Amit Dhamani, managing director of Dhamani Jewels. Considered the traditional shade of Islam, green represents luck and fertility, as well as wealth. French maison Chaumet’s CEO, Jean-Marc Mansvelt, reveals that the brand’s Pastorale Anglaise set, which reinterprets the Scottish tartan motif, has been notably crowd-pleasing in the region. “It was designed around extraordinary emeralds from Muzo mines in Colombia. The vivid green exceptional stones are particularly popular in the Middle East.” Check out the above slideshow to see MOJEH’s edit of the most beautiful emerald-laden jewellery available.