Why Fashion Is Betting Big on Saudi Arabia and other News You Need To Know This Week

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Here are this week’s top news that you might have missed!

Fashion Is Betting Big on Saudi Arabia

As the kingdom’s economy experiences a robust boom, Saudi Arabia has initiated sweeping social and economic reforms to embrace external influences, lure foreign investment, and diversify its economy. Driven by a combination of social reforms reshaping consumer culture and the emergence of futuristic cities in the desert, these changes are expected to have a positive impact on various sectors, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and tourism, particularly with large scale projects like luxurious mega-resorts. (Via BoF)


Three Arab Films Shortlised for 2024’s Academy Awards.

Film posters from left to right: Four Daughters, Last Song From Kabul and Mother of All Lies. Images IMDB.

The 96th Academy Awards have unveiled shortlists in 10 categories, featuring three Arab films. This recognition comes after a significant year for Arab cinema, with acknowledgments at events like The Red Sea Film Festival and The El Gouna Film Festival. The official nominees will be announced on January 23, adding to the excitement for film enthusiasts and contributors in the region.

One of the standouts is Four Daughters by Kaouther Ben Hania, a Tunisian entry in the International Feature Category. It explores themes of sisterhood, motherhood, rebellion, and memory, with renowned Tunisian actress Hend Sabry in a pivotal role.

Meanwhile, in the Documentary Short Subject category, Last Song from Kabul chronicles the journey of young orphaned girls whose Kabul music school was shut down in Afghanistan. They flee to Portugal and aim to rebuild their lives, with music at the heart of their story.

Lastly, in the International Feature category, The Mother of All Lies by Asmae ElMoudir made its debut at Cannes and won the Un Certain Regard award for Best Director. It tells the story of a Moroccan woman’s quest to uncover her family’s history, delving into Morocco’s history, including the 1981 Bread Riots.


Saudi Brand Leem Makes History as First Middle East Label on Selfridges.com

Saudi label Leem becomes the first Middle East regional brand be sold at renowned British department store, Selfridges.com.

Founded in 2018, Leem has gained recognition for its contemporary modestwear collection, encompassing a range of breezy separates, dresses, kaftans, bisht, wide-leg trousers, and more. This move not only signifies a remarkable achievement for Leem but also marks a transformative moment for the overall modestwear industry.

The brand is committed to expanding its European presence. The collections can also be found on the European e-tailer Zalando and its newly unveiled store at Westfield, White City in London.


Renowned Chef Alain Ducasse Launches Culinary School and Rooftop Café in Historic Qasr al-Hosn

One of the world’s most decorated chefs, Alain Ducasse, has unveiled a prestigious culinary school in Abu Dhabi named École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio, located  within the historic Qasr al-Hosn in the capital. This collaboration between Erth Hospitality and Alain Ducasse’s culinary institution promises to provide aspiring chefs with an exceptional educational experience. Ducasse’s expansion into Abu Dhabi signifies a significant development in the regional culinary landscape, offering students and food enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore the world of gastronomy within the walls of this iconic landmark. (Via CNT)


Puma Opens New Store in Abu Dhabi’s City Walk

Photo courtesy of Puma.

Puma, the leading sportswear brand, has announced the opening of a new store in Dubai’s City Walk. This 432.75 square-meter store is the fourth to open this year and will feature Puma’s most popular products. The store introduces Puma’s innovative “Field of Play” concept, a global first, showcasing their footwear, apparel, and accessories across categories like performance, lifestyle, team sport, motorsport, basketball and kids.

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Gen Z Prefers Niche Regional Fragrances Over Viral Scents

Portrayal Eau de Parfum for women, Amouage

Portrayal Eau de Parfum for women, Amouage

Niche perfumers in the Middle East are undergoing a transformation to capture the attention of the younger generation. As global consumers become more conscious and Generation Z seeks uniqueness, locally crafted fragrances are gaining popularity. These bespoke, culturally relevant, and highly exclusive scents are becoming the choice for those who crave individuality in their fragrance choices. Discover the allure of regional niche fragrances in this rising trend. (Read More)


Saudi Athletes Shatter Stereotypes on Global Stage

Saudi women are making remarkable strides in the realm of sports, challenging stereotypes and defying expectations. With the upcoming Riyadh 2034 Asian Games and Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the FIFA World Cup in the same year, the Kingdom is fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for its female athletes. These ambitious, fierce, and dedicated sportswomen are not seeking validation; they are pursuing gold and rewriting the narrative of women in sports. (Read more).

Jacquemus Launches UAE Site

The French brand is looking to expand its presence in the Middle East with it’s newly launched site Jacquemus.ae.

The iconic French fashion house, founded in 2009 by Simon Porte Jacquemus, has unveiled its much-anticipated UAE website today, marking a significant step in strengthening its ties with the Middle East.