Ziyad Buainain’s Transforming Silhouettes Breathe New Life into Sustainable Fashion

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A look from Daisies Collection by Ziyad Buainain.

  Ziyad Buainain Saudi Arabian Designer

Ziyad Buainain is an emerging designer renowned for his commitment to sustainability and innovative designs.  The Saudi Arabia native is redefining the norms of the fashion industry with his unique approach to textile sourcing and garment functionality. The label tells its story through striking prints, transforming silhouettes, and rich textures.


Words like eco-conscious and sustainability get thrown around in fashion a lot. But when it comes Buainain’s work, there’s a tangible and immediate way he crafts fashion with a sustainable approach.


Daisies Collection by Ziyad Buainain, a Saudi Arabian Designer. Transforming cocktail dress. Version 1.


Daisies Collection transforming cocktail dress. Version 2.

Like many designers, he curtails the demand for new fabric production by sourcing deadstock fabrics. He specifically mentions Nona Source (an LVMH dead stock supplier), “Their fabrics are really amazing. They’re from all over the world, so you can get French, Japanese fabrics, etc.,” he says during a press day on a surprisingly sunny afternoon in London.

Daisies Lookbook, Ziyad Buainain.

  Ziyad Buainain Saudi Arabia Designer

However, the most fun aspect of his collections are his pieces that can be styled in various ways, addressing the throwaway culture prevalent in fashion. “I try to make each piece multifunctional, so you can wear it in different ways,” he quips. But this is not your standard styling approach of switching separates or changing accessories. Right before your eyes, a full skirted ballgown transforms into a show-stopping billowed cocktail dress.


“I was so sick of hearing people say, I’ve already taken a picture in this, I can’t wear it again.”


The designs of his latest collection titled ‘Daisies’ can be described as playful and chic, incorporating elements like real pearls, bows and versatile, texture-rich fabrics. Some dresses have the option of being adjusted to alter their draping and fit, change shape, and change details like untying the bows (of a magenta short dress) to create a totally different effect. A particular standout is a bag that doubles as a hat. “They’re easy to style and adapt. It’s more sustainable as well. You get more wears out of them and give the dresses a new life,” he adds.

Ziyad Buainain woman in column grey dress

Ziyad Buainain Sustainable Fashion


Ziyad Buainain woman in column grey dress

Ziyad Buainain transforming dress.

The inspiration for the collection comes from from Věra Chytilová’s 1966 film “Daisies.” “I reimagined what the main characters, Marie I and Marie II, would wear today on their quest to radically spoil themselves in a world where ‘everything is being spoiled.”

Ziyad has captured his latest collection with a photoshoot in an old house in North London, showcasing his signature style that blends functionality with luxury.

He points to another dress, highlighting its unique features: “This one has little freshwater pearls, real pearls,” he emphasizes. The dress is multifunctional. “You can tuck it here, then open it to let it drape beautifully at the back.”

Educated at Marangoni in Milan, Buainain completed an intensive fashion design course followed by a master’s in womenswear. He returned to London in 2019 to gain industry experience, working briefly for Mary Katrantzou, which provided him comprehensive insight into the fashion industry. His journey took a significant turn during the COVID-19 pandemic when he launched his own brand.

A look from Daisies Collection by Ziyad Buainain.


Indeed with all the challenges of the pandemic, it was a risky move for the young designer. However, Buainain’s commitment to his craft and unique approach quickly paid off when his first collection in 2021 caught the attention of international fashion circles.

Ziyad Buainain.

After an email from Oslo led to his work being featured in the debut issue of Vogue Scandinavia, where his bulbous sunrise dress was worn and styled by international model Rawdah Mohamed, he realized he was on the right path. His designs, which he describes as grounded in reality yet exquisitely beautiful, continue to garner attention, promising a bright future for his sustainable brand. Ziya

2 in One Hat/Bag piece.

d Buainain eco-conscious fashion.


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Daisies by Ziyad Buainain

  • Text: Graciela Martin