Spotlight on SABIRAH by Deborah Latouche

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Backstage at SABIRAH 1.7 Collection. February, London Fashion Week. Photo by Asia Werbel.

Photos courtesy of Sabirah

Words Graciela Martin

Crafting Sustainability in Luxury with SABIRAH By Deborah Latouche

On a crisp February evening, Somerset House, steeped in history, was ready to mark the 40th anniversary of London Fashion Week. Guided by the expert staff through winding passageways, guests arrived at the show space for the debut of SABIRAH’s Autumn-Winter 2024 collection, crafted by Deborah Latouche.

As the dramatic cadences of Aaliyah Booker’s violin filled the atmosphere, they lent an air of solemnity and anticipation. From the runway, bathed in a subtle glow, emerged a model wearing a striking black satin coat with exaggerated hips, embodying Latouche’s characteristic vision of power, mystery, and sophistication.

Backstage at SABIRAH 1.7 Collection. February, London Fashion Week. Photo by Asia Werbel.

The collection was inspired by the ’80s television series “Dynasty,” particularly the character Dominique Deveraux’s iconic elegance and trailblazing role. Deveraux, celebrated as the series’ first Black actress, emerged as a symbol of empowerment and resilience.

Reflecting on this profound influence, Latouche recalls the significance of witnessing a “powerful, eloquent, and beautiful black woman in an influential position” while growing up. She notes the remarkable impact this had on the women in her family, especially in shaping her mother’s fashion sense during the ’80s.

16th February 2024, Somerset House, London. Sabirah presents their designs as part of London Fashion Week. ©Olu Ogunshakin / Chris Yates Media


Indeed, Latouche’s formative encounters with fashion and her early inspirations kindled her aspiration towards fashion design, ultimately shaping the foundations of SABIRAH.

A defining moment was a five-month trip to India and Nepal when she was 19. “I fell in love with the colours and fabrics that surrounded me and would regularly go to the tailors to have things made,” she recalls.

Designer Deborah Latouche (pictured right) presents Sabirah during London Fashion Week.February 16 2024 ©Olu Ogunshakin / Chris Yates Media

Upon her return, Latouche continued her studies, undertaking A-levels in art and textiles. Subsequently, she enrolled at the London College of Fashion, where she completed a degree in fashion design.

Latouche, however, didn’t immediately leap into launching her label. Instead, she ventured into styling and journalism, an unexpected turn that she describes as “stumbling upon”. Despite this, the idea of launching her own ready-to-wear collection remained a persistent thought over the years. The decisive moment came in February 2020, when she felt compelled to expand her creative horizons. “I needed something more, and a brand felt like the right step forward,” she reflects.

In the wake of the pandemic’s transformative impact, Latouche identified a distinctive void in the fashion landscape. “It felt like there was a gap in the market for SABIRAH to fill,” she asserts, envisaging a niche that would blend modestwear,luxury and sustainability.

Deborah Latouche backstage at London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2024, “1.7 Collection,” (pictured right).

Four years on, her foundational ethos remains unwavering. “The trip to India and Nepal has always stayed with me,” she says, explaining that the richness of the cultures, the mastery of craftsmanship and the abundant inspiration she encountered is still embedded in her work.

Latouche’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in every facet of her brand, from limited production runs to ensuring the sustainability of materials utilized in her shows. Frequent trips to Italy to discover end-of-roll fabrics epitomize her sustainable ethos. “It’s like a treasure trove,” she says, expressing her passion for fabrics. “I love finding materials that have been forgotten on the shelves in these high-end mills and turning them into beautiful pieces – it brings me great joy!” she says.



Looking to the future, Latouche is excited to expand her collection to include menswear and to continue experimenting with prints and embellishments. She expressed her unwavering commitment to “becoming ever more considerate with each collection.” To achieve this, she intends to collaborate with local artisans and seamstresses in the UK to maintain a low environmental footprint and support the domestic fashion industry.

Above all, the mission remains clear: “to make women feel beautiful and empowered without the need to reveal!”


SABIRAH’s second collection “Collection 1.1”


SABIRAH’s second collection “Collection 1.1”


SABIRAH debut collection. February 2020.



SABIRAH Debut collection February 2020. “Collection 1”