Spotlight: Noon by Noor

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In its dedication to showcasing female Middle Eastern talent globally, MOJEH Magazine spotlights Noon By Noor, a luxury womenswear brand founded in Bahrain in 2008 by cousins Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa.

Photos courtesy of Noon by Noor.

The designers recently discussed their Autumn Winter 2024 collection titled “Winter Solstice”, which debuted at London Fashion Week in February, their Ramadan capsule, and the increasing need for practicality in women’s everyday attire.

One of the most striking aspects of Noon by Noor‘s designs is their unique ability to transform classic dress codes, merging them with a seamless blend of Middle Eastern flair and Western influence. This synthesis makes their pieces especially appealing and incredibly easy to wear for a global womenswear clientele.

For example, the transformation of the classic trench coat into a skirt set. “We’ve always been interested in twisting a classic idea and seeing what we can come up with,” said the designers. They explained that for Autumn Winter 2024, they were focused on new interpretations for tailoring and outerwear. “We worked on proportions, construction, and fabrication.”

Other pieces in this collection also showcased these innovative characteristics. The lineup included crop tops complemented by wide-legged trousers, utilitarian suits, and outerwear adorned with faux fur accents, adding a layer of texture. These light and easy-to-wear ensembles were made using natural materials such as mohair wool and British tweeds.

The collection’s theme was further expressed through a palette featuring classic autumn tones with a twist of bold crimson, giving the collection a modern nod to past inspirations while maintaining its innovative edge.
The cousins were inspired by the dark, rich colours of European mid-winter—warm red berries and golden amber leaves. This vibrant inspiration was deftly woven into the tweeds and the rich colour scheme of their prints.

Carrying this inspiration forward, the grandeur of Somerset House, with its lofty ceilings and raw brickwork, served as the perfect setting. In addition to the European winter, the duo took a cue from the distinctive styles of fashion luminaries like Isabella Blow, Anna Piaggi, Diana Vreeland, Lucinda Chambers, and Amanda Harlech.

Reflecting on their influences, the designers shared that the women they celebrate in their collection are icons who have boldly expressed their individuality through their sartorial choices. “As women, we look to other women in our field for inspiration, support and the courage to be bold and brave with our choices. This starts closer to home with our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, all women who inspire us.”

Noon by Noor Ramadan 2024 collection

Last month, they also launched a Ramadan collection, emphasising layering. “Layering a day dress with a long skirt or trousers not only alters the ensemble’s character but also enhances the wardrobe’s versatility, making it appropriate for any occasion.”

noon by noor

Bahraini fashion designers Shaikha Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Mohammed Al Khalifa

Recently, the designers celebrated opening their first boutique in Bahrain, where they aim to offer personalised shopping experiences that reflect their distinctive design ethos. Looking ahead, Noon By Noor is committed to thoughtful and sustainable expansion. “We aim to balance our focus between our home market and international presence, driving both segments of our business forward,” the cousins shared. They plan to continue showcasing their collections in Europe while significantly increasing their engagement with the Middle East market over the next three to five years.

Behind the scenes at Noon by Noor autumn/winter 2015

Behind the scenes at Noon by Noor autumn/winter 2015


Noon by Noor autumn/winter 2015

Noon by Noor autumn/winter 2015


Behind the scenes at Noon by Noor autumn/winter 2015

Behind the scenes at Noon by Noor autumn/winter 2015