Three Female-Owned Brands from London Fashion Week You Need to Know

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Words Graciela Martin

In the vibrant tapestry of London Fashion Week’s multicultural design scene, three female-owned brands commanded attention with their unique flair and visionary leadership.

Young Central Saint Martins graduate, Kazna Asker brought Yemeni influences to streetwear, infusing it with urban cool. Noon by Noor celebrated everyday style with upscale designs inspired by iconic women of fashion like Anna Piaggi and Isabella Blow. Meanwhile, Azerbaijani native, Turana Atash carved her niche in the swimwear market, offering luxurious and stylish modest fashion that can be worn by all.

MOJEH is committed to featuring inspiring women who exemplify the beauty of cultural fusion and individual expression in the fashion landscape. Let’s delve into these three remarkable brands that embody these values:

Kazna Asker

Photos Courtesy of Kazna Asker

Kazna Asker, a British-Yemeni designer celebrated for her designs that speak to societal issues, unveiled her Autumn Winter collection at London Fashion Week. Blending British sensibilities with Yemeni heritage, Kazna’s work reflects her own experiences and the rich cultural mosaic of her upbringing.

The presentation took place at the Old Selfridges Hotel, transformed into a warm replica of Asker’s grandmother’s living room, creating an intimate setting where guests engaged in animated discussions over Adeni shahi tea, served on elaborate silver platters, embodying a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Photos Courtesy of Kazna Asker

In a climate where Islamophobia is a growing concern in the UK, Kazna’s designs stand as a bold challenge to prevailing stereotypes, fostering a deeper understanding and dialogue. Her work is deeply rooted in both her Yemeni heritage and her life in her hometown of Sheffield, where she weaves together cultural, community, and political narratives.

Notably, her pioneering inclusion of a hijab on the Central Saint Martins’ runway in 2022 was a landmark moment. Her latest collection, “What Are We Fighting For?”, continues this exploration, delving into societal roles and the essence of activism.

Photos Courtesy of Kazna Asker

“With everything happening in the world right now, I think it’s important that we come together and collectively stand for something so we can understand what we’re fighting for. Sometimes the pressure can feel a bit too much for one individual so it’s about putting action behind the community.” – Kazna Asker

Noteworthy pieces in the collection include a shell suit for men in ink-black and olive, artfully combined with traditional Yemeni cloth, and a woman’s abaya crafted from the same shell suit material, accented with traditional cloth panels and topped with a duck-egg beret. These designs exemplify Asker’s innovative approach to merging different cultural elements, reinforcing her position as a designer who not only creates fashion but also sparks dialogue and reflection.

Kazna Asker AW24Photography Jameela Elfaki


Noon by Noor

Image courtesy of the brand.

Noon By Noor, a luxury womenswear brand, was launched in 2008 by Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa in Bahrain and has been active for over a decade.

Set against the backdrop of the inner galleries of Somerset House, with its high ceilings and exposed brickwork, the duo presented their collection “Winter Solstice” during London Fashion Week. The designers drew inspiration from the personal style and work of fashion icons such as Isabella Blow, Anna Piaggi, Diana Vreeland, Lucinda Chambers, and Amanda Harlech.

The theme was brought to life through light and easy-to-wear ensembles, underscored by the use of natural materials such as mohair wools and British tweeds. Highlights included crop tops complemented by wide-legged trousers, utilitarian suits, and outerwear embellished with faux fur accents for an added layer of texture. The palette was classic autumn with a twist of bold crimson, making the collection a modern nod to past inspirations.

Discover more about Noon by Noor here.

Photo: Spotlight/Launchmetrics


Photo: Spotlight/Launchmetrics


Image courtesy Noon by Noor.


Image courtesy Noon by Noor.

Image courtesy Noon by Noor.


Turana Atash

At just 26 years old, Turana Atash launched her namesake swimwear brand in 2023, inspired by a personal need. Transitioning to modest swimwear during a beach holiday, she was disenchanted by the uninspiring options available. It was through discussions with her mother that a pivotal idea was born: to create swimwear that she would be excited to wear herself.

Images courtesy of Turana Atash.

The brand confronts the common misconception that modern style necessitates more skin exposure. Instead, it emphasizes creativity, infusing its designs with distinctive details and diverse elements that elevate modest wear into the realm of trendsetting fashion.

Turana Atash’s vision is clear: fashion and modesty are not mutually exclusive but rather harmoniously intertwined, catering to diverse women of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Images courtesy of Turana Atash.

Despite being a young brand, Atash recounts that customer feedback has been a cornerstone of its evolution, with each piece of input carefully considered to enhance design and functionality. A notable example is the introduction of an extended zip feature in swimsuits, making them more user-friendly and comfortable.

Images courtesy of Turana Atash.

Looking ahead, Atash aims to expand beyond swimwear, envisioning a comprehensive range of modest clothing options. From activewear to evening wear, the brand is set to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele, maintaining its commitment to style, modesty, and quality.