From Surf to Modest, Turana Atash Is on a Mission to Create Modern Swimwear for Women Around the World

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Words Graciela Martin.

All Photos courtesy of Turana Atash.

“Modesty is such a universal word, and everyone conceives it differently”, says fashion designer Turana Atash from her home in London. At just 26, the Azerbaijan native channelled her creativity into launching a swimwear brand that bears her name, born from a personal need.

Designer Turana Atash. Photo via Insgtagram.

While vacationing with her mother, she was disillusioned by the lacklustre choices for modest bathing suits. “Moving into modest swimwear felt challenging because I couldn’t find any trendy, stylish, and appealing options like the bikinis I used to wear. Then my mother suggested, ‘Why don’t you create your own?'”

In 2023, after nearly three years of research and preparation, she launched her brand. Her latest collection, showcased during London Fashion Week, featured meticulously tailored one-piece outfits in neutral tones and vibrant colours like coral red, saphire blue and bright green. These were complemented by elegantly simple belts and colour-blocked V-neck panels that provide coverage and style. She also included a selection of caftans and dresses perfect for poolside relaxation.

Turana Atash

Despite the variety of pieces, she says she frequently fields queries from older Muslim communities—affectionately referred to as ‘aunties’—who sometimes argue that her designs aren’t modest enough. But she argues that her approach to swimwear, such as selling pieces separately, allows customers to style the pieces according to their own definitions of modesty.

At the same time, when conceptualising her brand, Atash also faced the challenge of tackling the pervasive myth that contemporary style inevitably involves revealing more skin.

“There’s a common misconception that modern fashion is about baring more skin or opting for shorter dresses. It’s really about creativity, introducing diversity, and weaving intricate details into your attire,” she says. Her vision is clear: fashion and modesty are not mutually exclusive but harmoniously intertwined. 

Atash began conceptualising her brand during her second year at university in 2020, amidst the pandemic. She completed her Master of Arts at Regents University in 2022 after earning a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Queen Mary University and a Master’s in Entrepreneurial Studies from UCL.

With this impressive background, it’s easy to see why Atash was more than academically prepared to know what launching a successful brand entails. That’s why she put so much thought into every detail, including the logo, and incorporated sustainable practices.

She explains that when creating the logo, she wanted it to reflect her identity, so she incorporated Arabic calligraphy to echo the brand’s focus on modest swimwear. “Given that our primary audience is Muslim women, incorporating Arabic calligraphy adds a touch of fun, reminiscent of the sea, while creating an Islamic atmosphere with beach vibes to make our customers feel comfortable,” she explains. “Modesty is about giving our customers comfort, confidence, and a sense of being at home.”

Regarding sustainability, Turana is enthusiastic: “It’s one my favourite topics because it was central to starting my journey,” she says. She explains that from the onset, she dedicated time to sourcing the finest materials and building a team to deliver high-quality, pieces. 

Turana Atash.


“Choosing the right fabrics is crucial, given their scarcity in the market, and it can be a real challenge to find exactly what you want. We’ve put a lot of effort into selecting the best components for our garments, and it’s evident to anyone who experiences our products.”

Indeed, Atash recounts that customer feedback has been a cornerstone of its evolution, carefully considering each piece of input to enhance design and functionality. A notable example is the introduction of an extended zip feature in swimsuits, making them more user-friendly and comfortable.  

Looking ahead, Atash aims to expand beyond swimwear, envisioning a comprehensive range of modest clothing options. From activewear to evening wear, the brand is set to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele, maintaining its commitment to style, modesty, and quality.


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