Kelly Harrington Shares Her Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

By Gracie Stewart

3 min read

London based Kelly Harrington’s fashion career spans nearly two decades. She is highly regarded in the industry as a designer, trend forecaster, stylist and a creative and digital consultant. A lifetime love affair with Japan has given Kelly a passion for all things blue and through her Instagram account, @kellouhar, she has created an inspiring homage to the various uses of denim and indigo. Below, Harrington shares her top tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans.

“Finding a pair of jeans to fit your body shape can feel like an impossible task. With so many brands, washes, and fits it can become incredibly overwhelming, but by following these tips you’ll be able to find a pair that look and feel great in no time,” explained the denim addict.

1. Try on different sizes and styles and forget the label size as all brands fit differently. Always try one size bigger and smaller to see the difference.

2. Don’t stick to styles you feel safe with, the best way to know what suits you is to try on as many different styles as possible. Remember every body shape is different and not one size fits all.

3. Your jeans should always be comfortable, reliable, and make you feel like a million dollars. If they don’t, put them back and look for another pair.

Kelly Harrington @kellouhar. Image by Moeez Ali @moeez

4. Always try on jeans with different shoe styles, sneakers or heels. I have jeans that fit different purposes, so some look great with sneakers and flats, while other look great with heels.

5. Darker washes are generally the most universally flattering. Look for high-waisted styles or mid-rise cuts that emphasise the waist, hips and thighs.

6. Concentrate on quality and invest in denim that will last. Good quality premium denim is a must so jeans don’t stretch out. Opt for 100% cotton denim or super stretch jeans with recovery technology to maintain the silhouette.

Kelly Harrington @kellouhar. Image by Moeez Ali @moeez

7. Always wear good underwear when trying on jeans.

8. Darker indigo washes are sharp and chic making them perfect for smart occasions.

9. Look for sustainable denim brands that not only make you feel great, but are also contributing to the circular economy. Some of my favourites are Redone, Bonum, Everlane, Reformation and Blanche.

10. If you can’t find your perfect fit jean then get them customised to fit. There are plenty of stores and tailors that can adjust, repair and alter your jeans for you. If you’re ever in London, I highly recommend Soldier Blue on Toynbee Street.

Kelly Harrington @kellouhar. Image by Moeez Ali @moeez

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