How Saudi Arabia’s Bow Boutique Is Helping To Champion Modesty In Europe

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Bow Boutique
Bow Boutique for Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree

Italy has the fourth largest Muslim population in Europe, and an ever-growing demand for modest fashion

In response to the rise of modest fashion in Europe and all over the world, the Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC) hosted an exclusive Modest Soiree at the Milan Fashion Library in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week. The invite only event saw IFDC awarded designers showcasing their SS19 collections, introducing four different, but just as breath-taking approaches to the definition of modesty.

Bow Boutique designer Nasreen Elsayegh opened the Modest Soiree with her colourful abayas and jalabiyas, in a richness of flowers and bejewelled by precious headscarves, which brought a fresh pop of colour to the runway. “My vision is for everyone to appreciate the quality of the pieces, wear them fearlessly and feel more beautiful in them,” said Elsayegh. Also showcasing their designs were Chantique from Brunei, Luya Moda from Italy and Isabella Caposano also from Italy.

Bow Boutique backstage at Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree @bowboutiqueksa spoke exclusively to Nasreen Elsayegh to find out why the Modest Soiree was such an important part of Milan Fashion Week and how her designs make an impact here in the Middle East.

Why was the Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree so important?
The event was hugely important because it’s highlighting a need in our market and a need in most European markets. It’s all about showcasing a modest face for modest fashion.

How do your designs make an impact in the Middle East?
Here in Saudi Arabia, the abaya is a very important part of our daily life. It’s also a form of expression, so most Arab women want pieces that are new and exciting, which is what I am to provide.

What has been the reaction to your designs being showcased in Milan?
People love it when Arab fashion is highlighted in Western countries because we look to them for something new. So my buyers love that the collections are also respected in Italy.

Bow Boutique for Milan Fashion Week Modest Soiree @bowboutiqueksa

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  • Words by Gracie Stewart