Five Minutes With Jewellery Designer Maria Tash

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Jewellery designer Maria Tash is the pioneer of piercings

MOJEH speaks to jewellery designer and piercing pioneer Maria Tash on her latest collections, the most popular piercing trends, and why she’s got her eye on the Middle Eastern market

You originally coined the term ‘Curated Ear’ – why does Maria Tash stand out from the crowd?

The trick is to balance three forces: the skin tone, the client’s personal aesthetic, and the weight and style of the jewellery that live next to each other. Layering of jewellery in the ear is an art, and we registered the mark Curated Ear after decades of work in the field. Each of our hoop earrings and stud styles are available in many sizes and metal colours, custom-fit to the client, which makes many pieces worn together work well and look thought out, and ideally can include a matching theme to the jewellery elements. Additionally, right and left ear assemblies don’t have to match – they should be related, but the pieces don’t have to be purchased in pairs, and hence worn identically on both sides.

Congratulations on your upcoming Holiday Collection – what can we expect?

The 2021 Holiday Collection offers something exquisite for everyone. Styles include luxe upgrades on classics, pieces featuring bold, angular diamond cuts, and an alluring blue lapis assortment of spikes. The collection will be available from November 15, so mark your diaries!

Do you see any specific preferences among Middle Eastern clientele?

Our Middle Eastern clients love statement diamond pieces for all areas of the body, especially pear and marquise shapes, and clusters of these stones. We’ve noticed dermal piercing is popular with pieces that match ear work too – particularly arm and chest dermals with suspended diamonds. The Middle Eastern customer is bolder with the pieces they choose, and they are not afraid to get multiple piercings – the attention to detail that designers focus on is definitely appreciated in the region.

Rose Purple Diamond Flower Threaded Stud

Which piercing trends are most popular right now?

I think my soon-to-be patented piercing technique used in the Tash Helix and the Tash Hidden Rook will continue to be very popular – it’s rare to develop a new piercing technique that is easy to heal and versatile, and those locations fill that criteria. I’ve designed jewellery specific for them, and I’ve been working on more styles for those two locations to be released with the 2021 Holiday Collection.

What are your Middle Eastern expansion plans?

We have many plans in the works, and I’m definitely excited for the future! I plan to create more custom jewellery pieces designed exclusively for the Middle Eastern region, so watch this space.

Diamond Bar Threaded Earring

What is the most important lesson you have learned in both life and business?

How important it is to treat people well, and how important it is to cherish those you are close to. My mother passed a few years ago, and it was the most life-changing event. I realised the importance of enjoying, validating and making time for people who are close to you. Available at the Maria Tash boutiques in Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall and online.

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