A Day In The Life Of… Fitness Expert Goli Hashtroudi Cramer

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Goli Hashtroudi Cramer poses in front of a mirror in a fitness studio
Goli wears Lululemon

Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite female figures get up to each day? MOJEH’s A Day In The Life series follows some of the region’s most influential female movers and shakers, from business owners and entrepreneurs to fashion designers and art gallery owners. This week we’re chatting with Goli Hashtroudi Cramer, fitness professional and Dubai Lululemon ambassador. She shares her jam-packed daily schedule, which begins and ends with family time (cat included).

I wake up at… 7.30am, and I always start my day with ginger and cinnamon tea. I make it the night before in a thermo water bottle that stays overnight next to my bed. I also practice Pranayama or breath work before I leave the house.

My typical day… definitely involves a few minutes of cuddles with my cats in bed, especially Bubble—she gets to say good morning to my Instagram friends and followers. Then I’ll head off to my classes or clients with breakfast in hand, prepared by my husband. It’s normally a tasty bowl of yoghurt, berries and my homemade granola. I have soup or salad for lunch at home, then spend a little me-time doing my own training. Then it’s a shower, change and round two of classes and clients. My day usually finishes around 8.30pm, but I sometimes do 10 minutes of meditation if I’ve had a stressful or rushed day. Finally, it’s dinner at home cooked by myself or my husband—we try to cook four times a week.

My go-to working wardrobe consists of… the latest Lululemon collection!

When I travel I always… pack my gym clothes and tripod for my YouTube channel.

My favourite destination is… winter trips are my favourite, especially snowboarding with my sister in St. Moritz.

What I love most about my job is… the change I get to see in people as they reach their goals. And I get to eat more than you!

When I get home I… either cook, or am welcomed to the table for dinner.

I couldn’t live without… resistance bands (honest).

If I wasn’t in my current position I would be… either a florist or jeweller because I have such a huge passion for flowers and jewellery.

Shot on location by Ausra Osipaviciute and with thanks to Yoga La Vie, Golden Mile Galleria 2. Building 10 Palm Jumeirah, Dubai UAE.

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