A Day In The Life Of Sheikha Jawaher Bint Abdullah Al Qasimi

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“The art that we have all around the home has been collected by my father,” shares Sheikha Jawaher. She wears abaya by 1309 Studios

The Director of FANN and Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Sheikha Jawaher bint Abdullah Al Qasimi is bringing the children of the world together, giving them a launchpad to showcase their abilities, skills and interests through film and storytelling. Here, Sheikha Jawaher gives MOJEH an insight into a day in her life

What is an ideal day like in your life?

I start the day by 6am, have breakfast with my kids, get them ready for school and leave for the school drop-off. I really enjoy that morning buzz as I drop my son to his school, and then my daughters to theirs. My husband takes care of the pick-ups. After that I get to work, and when I return home, I get my children’s homework done first, because that is how I was raised. Then it’s playtime for the kids, any errands that need to get done, or guilty pleasures with the family. Once the kids are off to bed, then I catch up about the day with my husband and watch a movie. I usually end my day by midnight.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love reading success stories and biographies. I enjoy watching new projects and reading about businesswomen launching new and creative ideas. I think it opens up our minds to so much more. I also learn a lot from the youth and what they have to say. I think there’s so much to learn by just listening to them.

What is your approach to fitness and wellness?

I believe in being fit, not for the sake of losing weight but for the simple reason of being fit and active. WhenI was growing up, there was no such thing as a gym life because I struggled to put on weight. Now I keep a fitness routine, and I love to walk and do Pilates.

What are some of the core family values you carry with your team at SIFF?

I treat them like my family members. I always tell them that a job is a job. I do not like jealousy and competition, and so we all work like a family and a team united in our vision and efforts. We have each other’s back and whenever there’s a problem, I take responsibility for it. But when there’s something to celebrate, the credit goes to the team, and we do not behave as if one is better than another.

Sheikha Jawaher takes MOJEH into her family home which is brimming with memories, from the living room where her engagement ceremony was held to her father’s office. Above: Sheikha Jawaher wears abaya by 1309 Studios

Tell us about your favourite rooms at the family home?

Growing up here, my personal room was my haven. The living room has many memories, I had my engagement ceremony there. Even to this day, whenever our family comes together, we all gather in the living room, and I have many memories attached to it.

Where do you find yourself being most creative?

At the office, I like to work in between all the departments, right in between everyone, listening and talking to them. Even though I have my own office, I still enjoy being around everyone, as that is where I find myself most creative and productive.

What are some of the most treasured memories and pieces you have at home?

I am a very sentimental person, and I treasure things like my bridal bouquet that is dried and preserved, and my children’s precious baby items. I consider these my prized possessions. The art that we have all around the family home is collected by my father, and I treasure one piece in particular which he picked for me that had silhouettes of women gathered together. We love to buy art from emerging artists, and the street markets like Portobello Road in London.

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  • Interview by Odelia Mathews
  • Photographed by Aasiyah Jagadeesh