Notes Of Nostalgia: Six Niche Fragrance Houses Turning History Into Haute Parfumerie

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Niche Fragrance House, Ormaie

Fragrances read like stories on the skin, with delicate notes making way for masculine musk or hours-long sillage. But what about the stories behind the perfumeries themselves? We uncover the niche fragrance Houses infusing their rich histories into every scent

Les Bains Guerbois

1986 Eclectique

Niche Fragrance House, Les Bains Guerbois

Originally a high-society spa, Les Bains Douches – now Les Bains Guerbois – became a world-famous nightclub in 1978 where Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol, Naomi Campbell and The Rolling Stones partied (albeit, probably not together). Each of the Maison’s fragrances is dedicated to a memory from its 136-year history. Case in point: 1986 Eclectique revives the bustling steps of Les Bains Douches with a spicy spritz combining tobacco, musk and honey. Shop Now

Arcadia by Amna


Inspired by the life and times of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Thunderous is “airy in nature, mighty in vigour.” Amna Al Habtoor plays with nostalgic notes and sentimentality in each collection, bookmarking memories and feelings with fragrance. The aptly named Thunderous pays homage to Ali’s charisma and strength with grapefruit and lavender introducing base notes of heady sandalwood. Shop Now

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica Di Santa Maria Novella

Rosa Gardenia

Founded in 13th century Florence, Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella began its legacy by producing cosmetics from the grounds’ garden – its oldest fragrance dates back to 1533 and was a gift to Catherine de Medici. The institution welcomes Rosa Gardenia to its 800-year-old collection, enveloping wearers in seductive cabbage rose, gardenia and fig flower. Could there be a more perfect fragrance for summer? Shop Now

Ormaie Paris


Family-run Ormaie brings new meaning to niche fragrance ‘house’; mother-and-son duo Marie-Lise Jonak and Baptiste Bouygues transform treasured family memories into fine fragrances, all of which are created sustainably. Inspired by travel journals written by Baptiste’s father, Marque-Page begins our olfactory journey winding through incense- filled terracotta souks before settling on warm oud, sandalwood and cedar. Shop Now

Histoires De Parfums

1472, La Divina Commedia

Niche Fragrance House, Histoires De Parfums

Have you ever wondered what Mona Lisa smelled like? Histoires de Parfums lets imagination run wild and conjures the scents of characters, poems, literature and artworks, creating a fragrance collection akin to an encyclopaedia. 1472 – the earliest date thus far – brings famed poet Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy to life, opening with gentle notes of ylang-ylang before delivering a deliciously daring cinnamon cloud. Shop Now



A celebration of Omani heritage, Ojar marries Middle Eastern perfume-layering practices with modernity by using traditional ingredients as a pillar of its collections. Mahrajan, a delicious eau de parfum imagined by Sheikha Hind Bahwan, is an amalgamation of kumquat, rose, carnation and Turkish delight, resulting in a bright pick-me-up perfect for day. Shop Now

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