Tiffany & Co. Partners With Artist Curtis Kulig For Valentine’s Day

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Tiffany & Co. and Curtis Kulig are sending the message loud and clear this Valentine’s Day

New York-based artist Curtis Kulig is encouraging you to shoot your shot this Valentine’s Day with the Tiffany & Co. collaboration titled “Blue is the Colour of Love.” The artist is known for his “Love Me” campaign which he is expanding to include “Dare Me,” “Know Me,” “Ring Me” and “Gift Me” for the occasion.

The “Blue is the Colour of Love” campaign is a celebration of the power of words, art and love itself, therefore it is only fitting that Curtis Kulig – whose “Love Me” series catapulted him to fame – was chosen as Tiffany & Co.’s partner. Together, they explore the modern language of love. “My creative process with Tiffany & Co. was very natural,” says Kulig. “”Love Me” was conceived as something very personal to me and it naturally grew into something that others interpret—that is what makes it interesting.”

Schlumberger Bird on a Rock Brooch in Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold with an Amethyst and Diamonds

The “Blue is the Colour of Love” campaign sees Kulig’s love-themed phrases reimagined in the Tiffany Blue typography on canvas, his artworks displayed alongside timeless collections including Tiffany HardWear, Tiffany Knot and Tiffany T.

Victoria Earrings in Platinum with South Sea Pearls and Diamonds

The partnership is the latest in the House’s long history of working with innovators and revolutionary artists whose works have become an indispensable piece of pop culture. This Valentine’s Day, let Tiffany & Co. and Curtis Kulig help you land the person (and jewellery) of your dreams. Shop The Collection

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