Maria Tash Unveils Her Latest Collection, Alongside New Floating Piercings

Looking to elevate your curated ear game? Fine jewellery designer and piercing expert, Maria Tash, has launched her latest collection for autumn/winter and developed two never-before-seen piercings 

The curated ear continues to dominate our Instagram feed and our lobes, with an ongoing wave of unique structures that allow for expressive and artistically placed ear adornments. Leading the way with innovative designs that break the traditional jewellery mould, Maria Tash has maintained her position as the go-to designer for luxury piercings — and her new autumn/winter 2020 collection is no exception. 

With the largest assortment of new pieces ever introduced in one collection, the new line is comprised of statement diamond-shaped studs, double curved crescents, elegant linear bars and styles adorned with ethereally draped charms. Made to be worn by both genders, Maria Tash reveals, “each piece is unique to the wearer and it’s not about masculinity or femininity, it’s about personal style and how you resonate with each piece.”

Maria Tash autumn/winter 2020 collection

Through this collection, Maria Tash wanted to incorporate modern techniques that would form new silhouettes. For the Triple Silhouette Spike Diamond Eternity (a fresh spin on an iconic house design), Tash converted classic gold spikes to diamonds and used cutting and setting to establish an elongated shape that reflected a spike. “I asked myself, how could a diamond look like a spike, while also being suspended?” says Tash. “In my persistence to innovate, I wanted to create something I hadn’t seen before.”

In addition to the new collection, Maria Tash has also introduced two new piercing placements: the Tash Helix and the Tash Hidden Rook. The new lobe locations create a magical floating appearance, with boundary-pushing designs that conceal the entry point and reveal an entirely fresh look. “I wanted to evoke a sense of mystery and beauty. My goal is for people to see the effect and think, wow that’s beautiful and how does it work?” revealed Tash. 

maria Tash new piercing

Triple Long Spike Eternity hoop in white gold, Maria Tash


Diamond Drape Chandelier Stud in rose gold, Maria Tash

By hiding the wearable components of the jewellery in “under-utilised anatomical features”, and developing customised designs that sit under the curl of the Helix and concealed within the curvature of the Rook, Maria Tash was able to construct the delicate floating illusion that appeals to those who love to combine different types of jewellery scattered across multiple piercing. 

“I love the concept of jewellery emerging from unexpected locations on the ear with movement and comfort,” says Tash. Draped like an embellished chandelier and hung elegantly from the helix, the new autumn/winter 2020 collection features three styles that are compatible with the new placements. Time to adorn yourself in floating diamonds. 

Maria Tash’s new autumn/winter 2020 collection is available to shop online on and across all Maria Tash locations from September 14

Main Image: Photographed by Tom Schirmacher

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