Boucheron Pays Homage To Heritage And High Jewellery In Its Latest Campaign

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Invent the future, honour the past. This is the message French jewellery Maison Boucheron is bringing to life in its campaign dedicated to the Middle East. The Maison’s ambassador, Mila Al Zahrani, chronicles the region’s journey in a meaningful digital series featuring three chapters: roots, evolution and future.

Roots is a metaphor for beginnings: Mila and a mother figure – the roots from which everyone grows – stand in a desert landscape and exchange Serpent Bohème Solarité earrings as a symbol of the passing of generations. The breathtaking pieces simultaneously pay homage to the 1968 Serpent Bohème collection and its reimagining as innovations have developed.

Chapter two, evolution, honours the ever-changing region through transforming landscapes and highlights the importance of togetherness; Mila and a sister figure sport Quatre XXL cuffs to signify empowerment and shared strength. Boucheron’s new Quatre Double White Edition is the focus of chapter three, Future. The episode sees baron desert make way for a modern metropolis bursting with opportunities and possibilities, while the diamond-adorned pieces represent innovation and newness.

Boucheron poses the question: “With such limitless possibilities, what comes next?” We say Chapter Four is up to you.

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