Watch Now: Diamonds Against Black Set The Tone For A Refined Summer

In its April issue, MOJEH looks towards an unexpected palette for summer. A colour block of black could in fact be the most enchanting way to frame your white gold and diamonds this season. Watch the video here.


The Archi Dior high jewellery bracelets form the opening scene of MOJEH’s short fashion film Obsédée avec le noir. Their stunning ribbon shapes, built from white diamonds and white gold, allude towards the mid twentieth century in which ribbons symbolised the emancipation of women. Here, the diamonds exude colour and clarity. Even better once set against the darkness of Dior’s black bar jacket.

Model Marie Clara then wears drop earrings from London jewellery David Morris, in which two pear shaped diamonds frame her jaw line with strength and austerity. Faberge’s Le Renard fox ring and necklace are bewitching when worn with Ellery’s structured black dress. An unexpected yet refined twist for the summer months ahead. Styled by Masha Mombelli, Obsédée avec le noir offers a wearable way to adorn your high jewellery pieces as both day and evening wear options this summer.

See the full story, photographed by Rui Faria in MOJEH’s April Issue, out now.

Model Marie Clara shares her beauty and style musts with