What She’s Wearing: Preeya Malik

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Brains, beauty and business acumen: MOJEH meets the co-founder of The Daily Prep Co.

preeya malik

Preeya Malik wears blazer, skirt and camicole by Tom Ford

Meet Preeya Malik, the 32-year-old Canadian co-founder of The Daily Prep Co., a healthy food company focused on providing delicious, whole, natural foods. As a modern working woman, Preeya often found it hard to maintain a healthy diet.

“With a full time job, it was very difficult to find the time, let alone the energy to prepare healthy, fast convenient meals,” she explains. The Daily Prep Co. ourished from there, and is celebrating its first year in business.

“I never imagined myself in the food and beverage industry,” she says, “however I have always been business-minded and fairly creative, so I do think this career combines the best of both worlds.”

Preeya also happens to be a U.S licensed attorney, and runs an immigration rm in Dubai called Step Global. “Success is a direct result of what you’re willing to give,” she admits candidly. Despite her success, she’s humble and appreciative, attributes she credits to her father’s mentoring.

Preeya Malik

Preeya Malik, co-founder of The Daily Prep Co.

When it comes to style, Preeya’s wardrobe has to reflect both of her careers, but she’s acutely aware that dressing well can be both powerful and empowering.

“My personal style changes from day-to-day based on what I’mdoing, or how I’m feeling. I think this comes from swinging between being a lawyer where I have to dress up quite a bit – I usually wear high-waisted pants and a cute top or a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress – to working on The Daily Prep Co.,where I can be in workout clothes or denim all day,” she tells us.

“I think it’s very important to dress how you feel and dress for how you want to feel. When I’m laid back at work I feel more casual and comfortable. When I’m dressed up, I feel like I’m ready to meet people and make things happen.”

Preeya cites Michelle Obama as being a career-inspiration, and turns to Instagram for all matters of style. “Fozaza is amazing. I love looking at her Instagram posts and seeing what she is wearing next. I’ve also always loved Victoria Beckham’s style, post-Spice Girls. It’s just easy and sophisticated.”

Favouring designers like Givenchy and Balmain for clean lines, tailoring and longevity, Preeya likes to invest in timeless pieces while still staying on-trend.

“Most of my Givenchy and Balmain pieces from years ago are still in my closet and I still wear them today. I also just bought a lot of things from All Things Mochi, I love the bohemian look of their pieces.”

Preeya is also tuned in to the brand’s ethical message, saying, “My sister has taught me a lot about shopping responsibly. Avoiding waste and being conscious of the production of clothing, and this is something I’m trying to nurture more.” 

  • Photography by Ausra Osipaviciute
  • Words by Elaine Lloyd-Jones