What She’s Wearing: Dima Ayad

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Timeless glamour or frivolous fun? MOJEH asks fashion designer, Dima Ayad, what she’ll be wearing throughout the festive season


Dima Ayad

Dima wears dress by Dima Ayad and shoes by Chanel

“How women get dressed for a big night out has changed dramatically,” says 39-year-old fashion designer, Dima Ayad.

“The hectic nature of modern daily life has really played such a big role in that – we simply don’t have time to get ready anymore, and we most certainly want to wear something that is beautiful and hassle-free. That has really impacted upon how I design my eveningwear collections.”

Central to the city’s ever-growing fashion industry, and one of the most well-known faces on the Dubai party scene, Dima Ayad’s career in fashion came about quite by accident.

“I studied marketing, fashion was something that happened by mistake,” she laughs. “I realised that there was a gap in the market for fashion that was inclusive, where all women of different shapes and sizes can wear fabulous things. And so it began, me dabbling in fashion with no background in it at all.”

Chanel shoes

Dima’s metallic Chanel shoes are a staple for the party season

With a social diary packed with every kind of invitation, from dinner parties at the homes of friends, wild nights at Blue Marlin UAE, fashion shows and gala balls, to opening nights at the opera, Dima’s party wardrobe needs knockout after dark looks on every kind of level.

“I went to the Business of Fashion’s 500 party in Paris in September, and had the time of my life,” says the fashion designer. “I just love being surrounded by like-minded people wearing amazing clothes and enjoying an incredible atmosphere.”

Citing the graphite sequinned wrap dress she wears for the MOJEH shoot as one of her all-time favourite party pieces, Dima Ayad explains that a great party wardrobe is full of items you can rely upon at any time for any event.

What she's wearing accessories

When it comes to accessories, Dima Ayad likes to stack these Bil Arabi and Arkay rings

“You just pull them out of the closet, put them on, and you look instantly fantastic. That’s why I’m all about investment dressing. Anything I wear numerous times and looks great every time is what I consider an investment piece. I don’t like exceeding a certain price point on anything, but sometimes – only sometimes – I’ll splurge on a real show-stopper that I know I’ll wear time and time again.”

With go-to designer favourites including Sally LaPointe, Sandra Mansour, Veronica Beard and Zac Posen, Dima Ayad sticks to a few basic rules when it comes to successful soiree dressing.

“Comfort is key – you won’t enjoy the party otherwise. Wear statement pieces you feel relaxed in, and let the dress or outfit speak for itself, keeping everything else simple. This dress is one of my partywear staples, because it hugs my figure, and makes me feel like a princess. But I do love a pair of sparkly pants. They’re always front and centre in my partywear wardrobe.” 

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  • Words by Lucy Wildman
  • Photography by Ausra Osipaviciute